What is Sugaring?

FAQ's/Thoughts/ Questions you are afraid to ask!

What is Sugaring? 

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that dates back to Egyptian times. It's far superior to waxing. 

What? How So? 

It's a paste made of sugar, lemon juice and distilled water that is applied to the skin without sticks or strips against the direction of growth and is then extracted in the direction of growth. 

So how is that better? 

Aside from not traumatizing the hair follicle and not causing breakage, it is never hot so it cannot burn you and it doesn't breed bacteria. When removing hair with the direction of growth, there is little to no breakage, less hair grows back and it lasts longer than traditional waxing. 

I've heard it's less painful, is that true? 

Yes, when you sugar you are getting a light exfoliation of dead skin cells with hair removal. When you get waxed you lose the top layer of live skin cells. OUCH!

 My friend said she got sugared and it hurt. 

We hate to hear this and we cannot speak for anyone but ourselves. Make sure your hair removal is performed by a licensed and certified sugar practitioner. These should be visible in the service room. When sugaring is done incorrectly it can really hurt and this hurts our feelings too because we want you to have the best and least painful experience possible. 

What are the rules for getting sugared? 

Hair length: it has to be long enough. Anywhere from 7-14 days of growth but the test is this: can you grasp a hair between two fingers? if yes, its long enough. If not, not long enough. If a hair is too short then we will be unable to sugar it so please make sure you have enough growth before coming to your appointment.


Is there anything I need to do before I come? 

Yes, exfoliate and moisturize the day before but NOT the day of service. Please do not use any moisturizing products the day of because it prevents the sugar from adhering to the skin. Your skin must be clean and dry for best results.This applies to faces too. No makeup for face sugaring.


Worried about pain?

 You can take a pain reliever such as Tylenol, Advil or Aleve. If you have zero pain tolerance you can use a numbing product prior to your appointment. Further questions, contact us!

Are there any Don'ts?

Yes don't drink any alcohol or caffeine prior to your sugaring appointment and most definitely please do not trim. We have trimmers and will trim any hair if necessary. It's always better to be too long than too short.


Yes it will be discussed at your appointment and antibacterial wipes are provided to you at the appointment. 

I've had issues in the past with shaving, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Will this help me? 

Yes and we will educate on how to remedy this.

I have a lot of hair or I have PCOS. Am I a good candidate? 

Welcome to the club and yes most definitely.

I'm really self conscious about coming but I want to come. 

We've all been there and it's normal but we welcome everyone. There is no one too small or too large, too light or too dark, and this is a no judgment zone. We pride ourselves at putting you at ease and making your experience the most comfortable possible. If it could be considered a luxury service that is what we are striving for and you will see and feel the difference. 

Are there any contraindications? 

Yes, if you've been on accutane, Retin A, antibiotics, had laser treatment or chemical peels recently, check with your doctor first. 

I'm pregnant! Can I still get sugared? 

Yes, we are thrilled to go on this journey with you.


I'm under 18, can I be sugared? 

As long as you have a parents permission you can get sugared. Contact us for any questions you may have. 

I started my period do I need to cancel? 

Nope, we know how to work around a tampon string! 

 I have piercings, is that a problem? 

No, not usually but in some cases to be more thorough it may need to be removed but most often not. 

How do I schedule? 

Call or text but text is preferred as we can't answer while working and we hope to offer an online booking option very soon.  Contact Araceli @ 706-755-8282

I'm getting married/going on a special trip so should I plan ahead? 

Absolutely!l We will help you schedule according to your occasion but 2-3 visits are ideal.

Can I bring someone with me? 

Sure can! We have extra seating for a guest. 

I've read everything but I'm still nervous/scared to come. Help! 

We offer a patch test consultation for free so call and schedule one and let us put your mind at ease.

The Best Brazilian Sugaring in the CSRA!

Bikini or Brazilian? 

I don't know what I want. No worries! That's our job to provide a thorough consultation and meet your goals. We will advise you at each appointment whether you should go bare or leave some hair and help you determine how long you should go in between appointments. We always work from the outside in so we can adjust the service as needed.  

What is the difference between the bikini, the extended bikini and the brazilian?

 A bikini sugar is removing all the hair near the bikini line that would show in a swimsuit. We will  take some off the top, go inward and check the back of your thighs and top of your thighs. We will include the tummy trail and we do not charge extra for these areas.  

An extended bikini also known as a french bikini is the standard bikini that takes it in much further and you can wear the smallest of swimsuits with confidence while still keeping the middle section but removes all hair in between the buttocks. This service is recommended for those not quite ready  to take it all off and are concerned about the pain factor. 

A brazilian is everything off from front to back including between buttocks and the tummy trail upper thigh and can be bare or leave a shape such as a triangle for strip. Complicated shapes will incur an additional charge.